Star Talk



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“Star Talk” by Soup or Villainz


Meet the Artists

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Star Talk – A total twist to your usual Hip Hop listening experience… The Villainz may control the streets and everything under them, but now they’ve set their goals higher… higher than the atmosphere.

Inspired by Neil deGrasse Tyson and his StarTalk radio program, Viet and Remi discuss life as we know it via technology, science, and discovery through physics, astrophysics, and even metaphysics. It’s a release designed to take you deeper than you may have explored before, not just into Hip Hop, but into everything that makes the universe tick. All of this unique content is delivered to you via the catchiest oscillations, so don’t worry, you’ll hear that Big Bang coming out of your speakers.

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  1. 1This is Star Talk
  2. 2Space Between Your Ears
  3. 3Moon Theory
  4. 4Back to the Past
  5. 5Packing for Mars
  6. 6New Babylon (feat. Rayah Bell)
  7. 7Digital Age
  8. 8Last of Us


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