Super Producer



Key to the Mind - A release that contains some of the artist's most known songs (+15) Pocketwatch of Sluggishness - A release that clocks in over 60 minutes (+10) Fresh Fish Out of Water - The very first Scrub Club Records release by this artist (+10)

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“Super Producer” by 2 Mello


Meet the Artist

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2 Mello’s first full release on Scrub Club offers nothing but a pure Hip Hop experience.

Breaking through local, regional, and even nationwide influence, Super Producer serves up unique flows and viewpoints over extremely well-built, modern Hip Hop-style beats. Tossed into the mix is an infusion of true soul and R&B – oh yeah, the dude can sing, too.

Listen in as Mello, an unlikely emcee from Kentucky with an over-stimulated mind, gives you music that you can relate to, no matter what part of the world you’re from.

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  1. 1Enlighten You
  2. 2Ten Years
  3. 3Shake It Out
  4. 4The Master
  5. 5Cool Music
  6. 6Hope
  7. 7Hip Hop Heroes (feat. Devine Carama)
  8. 8That Fire
  9. 9Punchlines (feat. Vagrant Black and KD)
  10. 10Life Addicts (feat. Vagrant Black)
  11. 11Into You (feat. KD)
  12. 12Ghost Town
  13. 13Twice the Man
  14. 14Cincinnati


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