The Anarchist Rhymebook



Nightmare Sword of Chaos - A release that has an evil, destructive focus (+5) Tools of Advanced Talent - A release that features live recordings of real instruments (+20) The Book of Law - A release that has a focus on politics (+15) Key to the Mind - A release that contains some of the artist's most known songs (+15) Madcraft Iron Pick - MadHatter's personal favorite album by this artist (+15) Battle Axe of Premature Chopping - A release that has under 6 tracks (+5) Fresh Fish Out of Water - The very first Scrub Club Records release by this artist (+10)

Achievement Score: 85


Release Info

“The Anarchist Rhymebook” by 404 Device

“The Anarchist Rhymebook” is Scrub Club’s first politically-focused album, and it couldn’t have emerged at a more important time.

King Pheenix, Untested Methods, Illuminerdi, and MadHatter banded togetherto create this nightmare of Industrial Metal / Hip Hop. The messages within warn of greed, the loss of freedom of speech, occupation, distopian futures, and those of us still scraping by to survive day by day under the clouds of tragedy.

Methods provides the hard-hitting beats, Illuminerdi blasts his guitar, and Pheenix and Hatter project their voices to call their fellow brothers and sisters to the battlefield. To share. To educate. To strike self-doubt in the hearts of those who would crush us under their heel.

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  1. 1Start the Device
  2. 2Pipe Bomb
  3. 39-12
  4. 4Fucks I Give
  5. 5Occupy
  6. 6Horrorscope


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