Kvetch Sessions



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“Kvetch Sessions” by Kabuto the Python

  • Date
    September 9, 2011
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Kvetch Sessions – Kabuto hates everything. Everyone. Every place. His capacity for not giving a fuck is simply immeasurable by human standards.

If we were, however, able to measure such anger, it would probably be on a scale from 1 to 8 dope tracks about hating shit. Luckily, this EP is exactly 8 dope tracks, mostly about hating shit!

Enjoy the latest, off-the-wall offering from Kabuto. It’s not a Jewish album, by the way. It’s just a little Jew-ish.

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  1. 1Kvetchtro
  2. 2Saving the Day (feat. Poopyhands)
  3. 3Fuck Weather
  4. 4Araber Pants
  5. 5Mosul x Lech Lehizdayen
  6. 6Easy Mode (Remix feat. Random)
  7. 7Skill Set
  8. 8End Dumbly


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