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Release Info

“Track or Treat” by Various Artists

Track or Treat! You’ve found the wickedest, creepiest collection of Scrub Club Halloween joints in one download!

This perpetual release is like a trick or treat bag for your ears, full of every piece of All Hallows Eve flavour. Every twisted, gory, disgusting song that our artists have done over the years that matches the holiday is in this album, including past favourites as well as brand new material. It ranges from goofy B-Movie horror to serious tracks that will churn your guts. Enjoy, ye witches and warlocks!

5 new tracks were added for the Halloween season of 2013!


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  1. 1Soup or Villainz - This is Halloween (feat. NES-T)
  2. 22 Mello - Song for Lost Toys
  3. 3Deafinition - Devil's Work
  4. 4MadHatter - Melody
  5. 5Rob Grounds - Back From the Dead
  6. 6King Pheenix - When We Rise
  7. 7sAMPLE tHE mARTIAN - The T-Virus
  8. 8Sinister Six - Scientistik
  9. 9StarF - Stalker
  10. 10Torrentz - Violent Dreams (feat. Lady DKX, MadHatter, and Rukus)
  11. 11MC Wreckshin - My House is Fucking Haunted!! (feat. Betty Rebel)
  12. 12Shadow Puppets - Puppet Show
  13. 13XoC - Lost
  14. 14The Bloodclan - Gehenna
  15. 15HDninja - Fat Foot (feat. MC Wreckshin)
  16. 16Rocket Propelled Geeks - No Carrier
  17. 17DJ RoboRob - Bath Salts in Paradise (Resident Evil Tribute)
  18. 18Untested Methods - Hell Comes This Year
  19. 19Deafinition - Castlevania - Boss (In the Dark Mix)
  20. 20Maros - Haunted Castle
  21. 21Soup or Villainz - I Can Teach You Magic
  22. 22Untested Methods - Real Dark Arts (feat. MadHatter)
  23. 23DJ RoboRob - Avada Kadavrastep (Harry Potter Tribute)
  24. 24Klopfenpop and 2 Mello - Don't Call Me (Clean Version)
  25. 25MadHatter - Had a Bad Day
  26. 26Rob Grounds - Scream (feat. Notebook)
  27. 27Torrentz - Skankenstein (feat. MC Wreckshin, Pops Ghostly, and Betty Rebel)
  28. 28MC Wreckshin - Bustin' (Makes Me Feel Good feat. The Shinobi MC)
  29. 29MC_Loki - Rapper of the Corn (feat. Schaffer the Darklord)
  30. 30Soup or Villainz - I'm a Zombie
  31. 31MC Wreckshin - Bath Salt Zombies!!
  32. 32MadHatter - Insomnia
  33. 33MC_Loki - Halloween in Arkham
  34. 34HDninja - Wangs
  35. 35Soup or Villainz - Walkers
  36. 36HDninja - The Romero-Hyrule Disconnection
  37. 37Soup or Villainz - Darker than Black (feat. MadHatter)
  38. 38Rocket Propelled Geeks - Boomstick Serenade (feat. Epic-1)
  39. 39Soup or Villainz - Walking Dead
  40. 40Emergency Pizza Party - End Credits (Zombie Dance Party!!!!!)


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