Vault Registration



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“Vault Registration” by Soup or Villainz


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“Vault Registration” is straight up the best Hip-Hop love letter to the Fallout game universe. Look, if you’re here, then you’re either a fan of Fallout, Rap, or the Soup or Villainz – Hopefully all three. If any of those are true about you, then you are in for one hell of a treat.

This full-length Fallout 4-themed album will speak to you if you’ve played the game. Not only are the flows clever about the people, locations, and story arcs in the game, it’s painfully obvious that Viet Vu and Remi-son are downright obsessed with the lore, covering it like pros.

You will hear incredible lines not only from the Villainz, but also their well-populated settlement made from some of their best teammates from the Commonwealth and beyond. These fellow emcees in arms each lend their own unique style and love for Fallout to the project.

One other kick? You might recognize the beats and some of the choruses in parody – These are all based on Kanye West music, just as their first Fallout 3 mixtape was fleshed out by Notorious B.I.G. flavor. Yeah, they’re Hip-Hop heads, too.

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Want to listen before you download?

  1. 1Holotape 1
  2. 2No Church (feat. Cam)
  3. 3Ghoulish (feat. Shy Guy, Welfare, Ya-Q, and Rev T.)
  4. 4Mama Murphy (feat. Shy Guy)
  5. 5Holotape 2
  6. 6Gotta Have It (feat. Welfare, Ya-Q, and Rev T.)
  7. 7Ain't No Love
  8. 8Run This Town (feat. Rev T. and Tailya)
  9. 9Diamonds (feat. Cam)
  10. 10S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
  11. 11Power (feat. King Pheenix and MadHatter)
  12. 12Holotape 3
  13. 13Vault Dwella (feat. Welfare and Cam)


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