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Achievement Score: 175


Release Info

“Vicarious” by MadHatter


Meet the Artist

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Vicarious – Hatter is a busy dude – Two full-time jobs on top of running Scrub Club Records, a family, and a few small side jobs. Unfortunately, that means he doesn’t get a lot of time to focus on his own music releases. Instead, he’s usually living vicariously through other people’s projects he helps on. While he works on his next three major releases, he decided to give something to his listeners to hold them over for just a little while longer.

He often is asked where to locate specific singles or collaborations as they’re spread across different artists’ albums or on Noncents releases. The best idea? Round all of them up and put them in one place for his supporters – Thus, “Vicarious” was born. Filled to the brim with material both new and old, you’ve now got yourself a 2+ hour MadHatter collection outside of his solo and group albums.

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Want to listen before you download?

  1. 1Maros - Get Game (feat. Klopfenpop and MadHatter)
  2. 2Soup or Villainz - Darker than Black (feat. MadHatter)
  3. 3King Pheenix - B.I.T.W. (feat. MadHatter)
  4. 4Torrentz - Violent Dreams (feat. Lady DKX, MadHatter, and Milk-Plus)
  5. 5Untested Methods - Real Dark Arts (feat. MadHatter)
  6. 6Nerdcore - Eviction Notice (MC Lars Diss feat. MC_Loki, King Pheenix, MadHatter, and mCRT)
  7. 7King Pheenix - Anarchitype Rush (feat. Thunderball and MadHatter)
  8. 8Deafinition - Fiya (feat. MadHatter)
  9. 9Deafinition - Life I Lead (feat. MadHatter and ZeaLouS1)
  10. 10Deafinition - High Noon (feat. Kabuto the Python and MadHatter)
  11. 11YTCracker - Battlefield 2010 (feat. MadHatter)
  12. 12Heightened Titans - Do It to You (feat. MadHatter)
  13. 13Hyper Sniper - igNormal (feat. MadHatter and Zel)
  14. 14Minute Robot - In My Skin (feat. MadHatter)
  15. 15Rubiks Dudes - Dino Sores (Illgill and Reverend Badger Diss)
  16. 16Rubiks Dudes - Dumped (Bootyrage and X-Ray Spectacles Diss)
  17. 17Rubiks Dudes - The Fall of Shinra (ZeaLouS1 and Maja Diss)
  18. 18Rubiks Dudes - Strung Out (Ep!c1 and Quinsis Diss)
  19. 19Drop the Hammer
  20. 20Superscience Verse
  21. 21Nerd Party (feat. Duyahn Walker)
  22. 22Self Inflict (feat. Mike Game)
  23. 23Scram (MC Router Diss)
  24. 24Scrubby Boy (Soulja Boy Parody)
  25. 25Game Girl
  26. 26King Pheenix - Anarchitype Rush (Dale Chase Remix feat. Thunderball and MadHatter)
  27. 27King Pheenix - New York Rush (MasDaMind's Ja Rule Mashup)
  28. 28Still Scrammin' (MasDaMind's MadHatter vs. Geto Boys Mashup)
  29. 29Dizzee Rascal - Jus' a Rascal (MadHatter's Live-O Laid Back Remix)
  30. 30Lumidee - Uh Oh (MadHatter's Take It Deeper Remix)
  31. 31Ganon Slayer (Untested Methods Loose Cannon Remix)
  32. 32Old Shit (2003) - Hit the Dirt (feat. The Killaz)
  33. 33Old Shit (2004) - Way Back (feat. D.R.E.)
  34. 34Old Shit (2005) - Rednecks
  35. 35Old Shit (2003) - Brackish (Kittie Cover)
  36. 36Old Shit (2005) - Original Deeper Verse
  37. 37Old Shit (2004) - Crawling Back (feat. Wookie)
  38. 38Old Shit (2004) - Wookie - Freedumb (feat. MadHatter)
  39. 39Old Shit (2006) - A Scrub Club Christmas (feat. Jorro, CK, and Anna Rexia)


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