Villainz are Everywhere



Nightmare Sword of Chaos - A release that has an evil, destructive focus (+5) Battery-Powered Trick Wand - A release that has a focus on magic (+5) Costumed Capers - A release that has a focus on heroes or villains (+5) Controller of Button Mashing - A release that has a focus on video games (+15) Exquisite Cheese - A release that features one or more skits (+15)

Achievement Score: 45


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“Villainz are Everywhere” by Soup or Villainz


Meet the Artists

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From the criminal underworld – where no one can be trusted – the Soup or Villainz rise to the surface, once again. Continuing their reign of terror, they release their full sophomore album “Villainz Are Everywhere.”

The walls hear everything you say. The shadows see everything you do. You live your entire life unknowingly under constant surveillance. We are not the government, we are the Soup or Villainz. While you are oblivious to our abilities, we continue to organize the disorganized. Once we plant the seed of mischief into your subconscious, there is no hope for freedom. We are a mind virus and WE ARE EVERYWHERE.

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Want to listen before you download?

  1. 1The Alliance
  2. 2The Beginning
  3. 3Came to Win (feat. Danyeal McIntosh and Rikki Marie)
  4. 4Gamer Girl
  5. 5Good Day
  6. 6Unpredictable
  7. 7Rave
  8. 8Not Your Ordinary
  9. 9I Can Teach You Magic
  10. 10They All Lie
  11. 11Alchemist
  12. 12My Dub Flow
  13. 13Battle of Wars (feat. Shy Guy)
  14. 14The Teaser


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