• 2 Mello - STR8UP
  • 404 Device - Fucks I Give
  • Kabuto the Python - The Almighty (feat. Nick Kwas)
  • King Pheenix - Show Off (Ken)
  • Sinister Six - Rise Up
  • Soup or Villainz - Moon Theory
  • Torrentz - Boomtime Hustle (feat. Thunderball, Fatback Supreme, MC3P0, and MC117)

We are Scrub Club Records – The world’s first and only independent, not-for-profit, “open source” entertainment label. What does all of that that mean, exactly? Read on and discover what we’re all about.


Scrub Club Records is Independent

There are no large industry groups or board members watching over the label. Instead, it is operated by the artists within.

This collective of musicians have a wide range of special skills that they share, making the roster totally self-sufficient. There are producers, vocalists, engineers, web designers, visual artists, photographers, video editors – they require no outside help to perform their tasks, only each other.

Not once has the label ever paid for fake Facebook likes, bogus Twitter follows, or any of that noise. All of our numbers are honest, and we’re damned proud of them. You’d be surprised how many labels and musicians out there aren’t nearly as popular as you’d think. Our listeners are real and interested, not purchased.


Scrub Club Records is Not-for-Profit

Yes, you read that right – the label itself gets zero cut of the money! We release and distribute albums, promote our artists, book events, supply street teams, and offer awesome merchandise all by the power of donations from our supporters and the cash from our own pockets.

Our albums are available for free so there are no barriers in the way of a potential listener. The whole world is welcome to check out our music and other projects without cost, and if they dig it enough, they are welcome to donate a few bucks. If they can’t, that’s all good – we make our art to entertain and enlighten. Getting reimbursed is not our focus.

To help combat the costs of being musicians, our artists are welcome to sell their own merchandise and accept cuts they get from performing. On the other end of the scale, all donations go into a central fund that is used to purchase group merchandise, travel, and equipment for all of our musicians that may need it.

Donate to Scrub Club Records via Paypal


Scrub Club Records is Open Source

While “open source” usually refers to software, we have taken an initiative to transform an entertainment label into a completely open and customizable experience.

Starting in late 2012, we started releasing our albums alongside “Open Source Packs” – downloads that include the project’s vocals, instrumentals, or both for the purpose of letting the listener remix or tailor each track to their liking.

In 2013, new information was added to the site, letting the public view stats such as individual album download numbers and the amount of money held in the central donation fund.


Scrub Club Records is a Strong, Active Family

We are constantly interacting with other businesses, artists, and listeners both online and offline. We have all the time in the world to give to our supporters because they are truly what this is all about. They keep our engine running, so we are eternally humble.

You will always catch us hanging out with listeners before and after shows. We’re not “too good” for anything – we play shows in hallways and basements, and we play shows at festivals and huge conventions. No matter if there are five people or thousands of people in the audience, we rock it with all of our heart. This is what we love and we want to share it with as many people as possible!

The artists themselves are great partners to one another, and some have become the best of friends. We all carry a common respect for each other and the overall mission of Scrub Club, and that really shines when you witness us working together.

There’s no other group of people like us on the planet, and no other label trying to do what we’re doing with as much heart as we put into it. That’s for damn sure.


Welcome to the Club

Our methods are refined to give people from all nations what they expect when it comes to enjoying and sharing music now and in the future. The superior treatment of its musicians, business partners, and supporters is what makes Scrub Club Records the flagship of the independent movement.

We are very glad you found us, and we hope you’ll join us in our unique mission. Welcome to the family! Let’s team up and kick some ass.