Guild Wars 2 Scrub Club Clan

Scrub Club Clan on Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is finally here! After years and years of waiting, the new era of online RPGs has come. And just like in the past, Scrub Club Records is proud to rep a guild that shares ranks not only with its musicians, but also with its supporters.

That's right – You get to game with your fellow Scrubs! We are not a bunch of hardcore elitist douchebags, and although we certainly like to dominate, we don't mind casual players in our ranks. We're a big-ass family that loves to game together. Having a bitchin' time is the main goal.

Since the game hasn't launched (as of this writing), we don't have any quick start guides or other helpful information just yet (it's coming!).

Norn Female

How to hook up with us as we begin this adventure together:

1. When creating your account and you are prompted to select a world, pick the server called "Jade Quarry." That's where we're at. If you're a European player, you can still play on Jade Quarry, just select "America" from the top-right server location list. If you end up on a different server, you have to pay gems to switch to another!

2. Add MadHatter.6143 to your social menu and send a message requesting to join our guild. Hatter will grant your application the next time he's on.

3. If you have any pre-order bonuses that raise experience, wait until you're officially in the Scrub Club Clan before using them, as they can benefit us all!

4. We have a voice chat server. Upon successfully joining the guild, you will be given access.

Asura Male

There is just one rule you need to follow in order to be a member: Don't be an asshole.

In other words, we're here to game and have fun. Don't ruin that.

No racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other type of tomfoolery will be tolerated in-game, on our Guild Portal, or in our Facebook group.

… That's about it! Just have fun, god damn it.

Human Male

Tools that we use to communicate and chronicle our adventures:

Click here to visit our official Guild Portal site:

Click here to be added to our official Scrub Club Clan Facebook Group:


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