Max Payne 3 Scrub Club Crew

Scrub Club Records Invades Max Payne 3 Multiplayer

Max Payne 3 multiplayer is possibly the most balanced, exciting, customizable online shooter to be released!

If you've had your fill of the single player experience, make sure and check out the online matches. You will truly be impressed.

Since Scrub Club hasn't really had a big group of our artists and supporters game together since Allods and DC Universe Online, and since we're still waiting for Guild Wars 2, MadHatter decided to posse up and bring a crew to life in Max Payne 3. The main group that plays together is on XBox 360, but you can rep the crew across platforms!

What are crews? Well, it's something new starting with Max Payne 3 – Rockstar Games is adding the crew feature to every game with multiplayer from now on. It is a sort of "guild" system that not only keeps your playlist friends close, you also work together to pool XP and unlock online achievements. You can have an emblem visible on your clothin and armor, and of course get a clan tag. In matches, crews can be rivals after enough heat has happened between the two groups. Fighting another rival crew in these challenges is an adrenaline boost for sure.

On the official Rockstar Games Social Club website, crews have their own page which keeps track of wins, fueds, members, and achievements.

The best part? In future games, starting with Grand Theft Auto V, the crews you create keep collecting XP and stats in other games as well!

Max Payne 3 Multiplayer

So now it's time to pony up with the Scrub Club Crew! You can do this in two ways.

Method A – Online through Rockstar Social Club (recommended, so you can fully customize your experience):

1. Start with
2. Create an account (if you don't already have one).
3. Once you have an account, click your name and go to into "settings."
4. Click the "link accounts" tab and link your XBox 360, PSN, or PC accounts.
5. Got to and click "join."
6. Load up Max Payne 3 multiplayer and under "arsenal," go to "crews." Make sure SCRB (Scrub Club) crew is selected.

Method B – Through the game itself (only works if you have an XBox 360 and might take a bit):

1. Add the user "Scrub Club" to your friends list on XBox Live (that's MadHatter, by the way).
2. You'll have to wait for him to accept your request.
3. Load up Max Payne 3 multiplayer and under "arsenal," go to "crews." Select "friends crews" and look for Hatter or anyone else on your list to be sporting the Scrub Club crew. You can join automatically from here.

That's about it!

We have only two general rules to stay in the crew and represent Scrub Club in online warfare:

1. No racist or sexist bullshit over communications.
2. No bad losers.

Max Payne 3 Multiplayer

Here's some recommendations:

A good weapon all around for multiplayer right from the get go is the M10 submachine gun. It doesn't have a long range to it, but it's deadly up close and even medium distances and is lightweight. As you use it, you will unlock some really good attachments for it to make it better with range. You can even eventually dual weild them, which can pump enough bullets to kill even heavily armored enemies in one second. Even though these are available even at low levels, you will still see people using them at level 40 or 50. They're great to start out with.

As soon as you can, grab the Mini 30 assault rifle. It's a single fire weapon, so you can't lay on the trigger, but it has amazing range, great damage, and by the time you unlock it's add-ons, it is ridiculously powerful – you can basically snipe without a scope at long range, and up close and medium distances have the damage of a basic shotgun.

When you can, loot a corpse. It's the only way you can get painkillers, which lets you heal on the fly or enter a "last stand" type mode, giving you a chance to take out the person who got you to revive yourself. Plus, you will gain extra money, ammo, adrenaline, and experience. Just make sure no one's around when you do it, it takes a few seconds and you'll be wide open to enemies.

If you're being shot, roll away or do a shoot dodge immediately. Both of them break the lock your enemies have on you and gives you a chance to fire back in that direction. Also, it's a great surprise – Shootdodge off of ledges, out windows, around corners to get the upper hand and take your enemies out before they have a chance to even grasp what's happening.

If you're about to die, take cover and hide it out for a bit. After a certain point, your health will start to come back. Never rush in when you're already damaged. Wait for a few seconds and heal back up!

There's no camping in Max Payne 3! After a certain amount of time keeping to one area, a firework will go off above a person's head.

See y'all there!

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