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A long time ago, in an internet far, far away… there was Microsoft Comic Chat. Scrub Club has dug it up from its abandonware casket and blew off all the dust… Time to enjoy it again!

In 1996, it was all the rage! Some of you reading this are already excited because you remember Comic Chat and want to give it another whirl. Those of you who were too young or never got the chance, don't worry – It's easy to figure out, and the results are very lulzworthy.

To make a long story short, Comic Chat was an IRC client that added a visual element – comic strip characters with multiple emotions. What you get when this is planted on top of an IRC channel is basically an automatically generated webcomic.

Want to check it out? Here are the instructions:



Download the old-ass Microsoft Comic Chat 2.5 client from our server. You can do so by clicking here.

Unzip that sucker.

Your computer will tell you that this program doesn't carry a valid certificate. That's because this program was last signed in 1998! Haha. Hit "Yes" to continue. If you're still freaked out about the security, make sure to leave your virus scanner open, it won't find anything malicious in the file, and it will let you continue.

Installation will take all of about 1 second to complete.



Click on your Windows Start button. You will see an icon with "Microsoft_Chat" next to it. That's how you launch it.

You might get a message about the program not being able to make an entry in your registry. Good, it doesn't need to! Click "OK."




First of all, enter in "" as your server address.

Make sure "Go to chat room:" is selected, and type "#scrubclubrecords" just like above.

Click the "Personal Info" tab and put in what you want others to be able to see, including the nickname you will go by in the chat.

Click the "Character" tab.


Here, you will get to pick from many different characters to be, all of them pretty ridiculous. If you want to check out their different expressions, you can use the emotion wheel to the right.

Click the "Background" tab.


Your background choice is pretty limited, but you can choose them from here.

Click "Apply," then click "OK."

You will get a few messages from the server. Dismiss them.

You are now logged into the chat! Next time, all you will have to do is start the program and connect to the server. All of this other info will already be saved.

Click the "View" tab at the top, and make sure "Comic Strip" is selected. Otherwise, you'll just see boring, old IRC text chat.

Comic Strip view

There's a good chance that the comic panels will be mega-tiny because screen resolutions were mega-tiny back when this program came out. If this is the case, you can make them auto-fit to your screen so you can see them.

To do that, select the "View" tab, and then click "Options…"

Visual options

Under "Comics View," you can change the panel amounts. I'd recommend 3 or 4. Once you select one of these, the panels will now fill your screen.

Also, you'll want to check the boxes for "Automatically download characters / backgrounds." We have a ton of them you can use.

Set up is complete! You shouldn't have to do any of that again, thankfully.



You're now in the chat. You should be able to figure it out from here, as all it takes is simple typing. However…


This is what separates Comic Chat from regular IRC. After you type your message into the message bar, but before hitting enter, you have some options.

First of all, you have your emotion wheel. You can change your expression by sliding the point where you want it. The farther from the center, the more extreme the expression.

Also, you have the option to make your message a speech bubble, thought bubble, whisper bubble, or a narrator-style block.

After playing around for a bit, you'll get the hang of it.



You're doing it! Yay! We're so proud of you for drudging through the follies of old software to bring Microsoft Comic Chat back to life. You'll find it very entertaining and highly addicting.

Don't forget to take screen shots!



Don't be a douchebag, or you will be kicked and possibly banned. This is IRC, after all. No illegal stuff, racist horseshit, etc. You must adhere to Foonetic's rules, as they provice the IRC service.

Also, it's easy to impersonate anyone on IRC. Don't take anything seriously, especially if it's important junk like secrets or information about Scrub Club artists, drama, or other bullshit. If you have any doubt a person isn't who they say it is, then keep that doubt and talk to the person directly on other networks.

Anyone interested in actually registering their name to make sure people know it's you, follow these steps


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